Police Motorbike with lights and Sounds


Dickie Toys – Police motorbike – Always ready for action! Police officers don’t always travel in patrol cars.

For fast-paced manhunts or city patrols, motorbikes are often used.

This Dickie Toys police motorbike allows young children to immerse themselves in the world of a police officer and try their hand at maintaining law and order.

The perfect gift This unique motorbike is the perfect gift for budding young police officers.

It sports a futuristic, modern design that is guaranteed to keep little ones entertained.

It also comes with eye-catching light and sound effects.

The batteries are included.

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Makes for a great gift.


There are 2 X AAA batteries included with the vehicle, and can be placed easerly when required,


The large 15 cm design is perfect for small hands.

This is a very popular toy for young learning minds.


The motorbike also features a blue light and siren that can be triggered by pressing a button on the vehicle, as well as a fold-out warning sign to provide a warning to other vehicles.

For children aged 3 and above

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